The National Speakers Association has several awards and designations to recognize members' professional competence, as well as their contribution to the profession.

CSP - Certified Speaking Professional

This is NSA's highest earned professional designation. It is earned through a combination of professional association, professional education, professional performance, and professional business management standards. A CSP is a dedicated professional with a proven track record of consistent speaking excellence.

We are proud of our members who have earned this designation.

  • Steve Iwersen, CSP
  • Barbara Teicher, CSP
  • Lauren Schieffer, CSP
  • Candace Whirley, CSP
  • Mark Hunter, CSP
  • Devin Henderson, CSP

CLC - Chapter Leadership Council

The Chapter Leadership Council (CLC) provides leadership guidance to each chapter. A person who has served as a president of a local chapter applies for consideration to be a liaison between the national organization and the local chapters to assist with leadership guidance on effective chapter management.

Current CLC members:
  • Marquita Miller-Joshua
  • Lauren Schieffer, CSP

NSA-KC has a strong history on the Chapter Leadership Council - past CLC members:

  • Steve Iwersen, CSP, past chairman of NSA CLC
  • Kathleen Randall, CSP
  • Candace Whirley, CSP

NSA-KC Member of the Year

  • 2019 Cary Phillips
  • 2018 Steven Iwersen, CSP
  • 2017 Julie Connor
  • 2016 Barbara Teicher, CSP
  • 2015 Lauren Schieffer, CSP
  • 2014 Steve Iwersen, CSP
  • 2013 Mary Redmond
  • 2012 Joyce Layman
  • 2011 Marty Stanley, CSP
  • 2010 Kelly Tyler
  • 2009 Kathleen Randall, CSP
  • 2008 Stephen Schumann

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